Your office is too small or you have special demands on equipment for your office? Your products require extraordinary rooms for sales and presentation? No problem with PAVIVARI.

Soon your new store, new office or showrooms are ready to operate. If one day you are going to change your location, simply take your mobile PAVIVARI along.

The image of public and usual tourist haunts at destinations in villages, airports, marinas, in parks, in front of and in city halls, in public areas, in town halls, on trade fairs, in galleries, museums etc. is characterized by optional effects. Nowadays attractions belong to a positive, international image of tourism.

Show tourists and visitor that they are welcome, e. g. by a PAVIVARI ticket shop, sales shop, information booth, placement of tourist information etc. All this at a predestined location where a fix structure is not possible.

In the next season PAVIVARI can be used elsewhere, for example for extensions of administrative areas. PAVIVARI provides fast, flexible solutions.


(subject to approvals)

If you have questions about PAVIVARI, we are at your disposal: [ Phone: +34  971 . 566 . 178 ]   [ eMail: ]


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