The construction of PAVIVARI

The PAVIVARI does not need a foundation to the floor; it can also be quickly built up and dismantled without any base.

The main construction consists of glued wood with a surface sealing. The windows are made up of acrylic glazing. They are opening and closing easily by a hydraulic jack.

Improved statics up to storm force of 12.



Coverage of glued wood with acrylic glazing (4mm). Two hydraulic jacks per window.

Protection towards independent closure of the windows

Double-leaf entrance (optional)

A wind protection porch protects from draft and limits heat losses in the cool months.

In front of the porch there will be installed a podium with an anti-slip coating.

Second entrance

Across from the entrance an element with an one- leaf door will act as an entrance for suppliers, employees and as an emergency exit.


Air conditioning

An electrical air conditioner, placed in the dome, ensures a change of air 2,5-times per hour.

Furthermore air grids inside the floor provide natural circulation of air.

Double layer roof

As an interior roof there will be installed double based Polycarbonate boards between the glued wood brackets.

The PVC-canvas, which are stretched on the substructure, form the second layer.


Seven different layers, double moisture barrier, a hole for aeration, insulation material and heavy oriented strand boards (OSB) ensure a robust and dry floor construction.

The installation of PAVIVARI

The installation of your PAVIVARI lasts 2 to 3 days according to the weather conditions. For a pavilion with an additional module the installation lasts up to 5 days.



If you have questions about PAVIVARI, we are at your disposal: [ Phone: +34  971 . 566 . 178 ]   [ eMail: ]


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